Our company, which provides ship and power plant maintenance and repair, and imports and exports spare parts products;
• To fully perceive and fully meet the expectations of service quality, price, deadline and social compliance of our in-group and final customers, and to ensure continuity of customer satisfaction,
• Reaching the desired level in service quality, taking into account the expectations of the end customers and providing this with on-site service quality,

• To anticipate and prevent the risks that may be encountered regarding the legal and quality in the service by using scientific methods at the earliest stage and thus aiming at zero error,

• To ensure the same quality at every point we serve by determining standard business manners,

• To carry out and develop a quality management system that takes into account the relationship between company processes,

• To ensure the participation of all employees in line with the goals and objectives of our company,
• To maintain a mutually beneficial business relationship with its suppliers and to support its main suppliers in establishing and managing a quality management system,
• As Marca Marine Co Ltd, we undertake to comply with national and international legislation and laws.

We make our commitment.